5 simple practices that can shift your morning routine.

Updated: May 6


Mediation is not a new concept. However, many of us may find meditation to be strange and unfamiliar, and we may have no idea where to begin or how to begin. Meditation, in its most basic form, is nothing more than trying to be one with yourself and quieting your mind to discover peace, balance, and calmness. It doesn't have to be such a difficult task. All you need to do is sit for a few minutes in a calm place. Although meditation is meant to be done in complete stillness, if you prefer guided meditation, an app can help. Furthermore, the length of time you meditate does not matter, but if you are concerned, 5-10 minutes daily can be a good beginning point.


The attitude of appreciation is one of the most crucial things that can bring so much joy and happiness into your life. We now live in a world where the majority of people believe they are entitled to everything and take it for granted. Usually, not comprehending that the world is a much wider community than the one in which you live. Being appreciative not only brings joy, but it also gives you a sense of purpose and motivation to improve yourself, your appearance, and your actions. Because we're taught to believe that everything we have have been predetermined, Honestly, it's very difficult to cultivate thankfulness in our modern society. However, if you commit to spending 3 minutes each day being grateful for what you have, you will see a significant change in your dedication and attitude toward life.


It's always a good idea to start your day with some exercise, whether it's Yoga, Pilates, or just plain stretching. This simple motion can help transfer oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, which can be quite beneficial. Working out can also help you enhance your lungs and heart, as well as provide you more energy to face your everyday tasks. When it comes to exercise, I normally set my timer for 15 minutes and watch a YouTube workout video to practice the sets and formation. The key is to select a high-quality workout video that matches your lifestyle as well as a dedicated trainer. There are numerous additional aspects to consider before working out (your own goals, health history, nutrition for example) However, the most important thing is to discover something you enjoy doing and then begin gently. You can raise the level you desire once you've gained traction and are ready for the following stage.

Drink Tea:

Yes, the fascinating world of tea. I normally treat myself with a great cup of tea after I've completed most of my routines. Tea, as opposed to coffee, is far more relaxing and comforting to me. The effect is considerably more acceptable than getting a large dose of caffeine right away. I like to begin my day in increments, as if I were imitating nature's methods. Most things in nature do not appear out of nowhere. Take, for example, the rising of the sun. The sun does not begin to shine brilliantly straight away. It develops slowly at first, then reaches a peak, after which it slows down. As a result, I strive to start my day in the same way. I must admit that I enjoy coffee as well; but instead of taking it first thing I rather graduate to the taste. Tea, as one of the most popular beverages on the planet, offers several health benefits that might benefit your body as well. Teas are low in calories, can hydrate the body, boost energy, and help the immune system. Although they have a variety of mixes, one of my favorites is the Hibiscus Dream from www.zansetteaco.com. They also offer two other blends that are also tasty, but I prefer the Hibiscus palette


There are numerous advantages to reading. However, I find that reading first thing in the morning is both therapeutic and instructive. Usually while drinking my tea, I’ll select my favorite book and attempt to read a full chapter. There are a variety of reasons why I start by reading in the morning. The main reason for this is that when you first wake up, your senses are normally at their sharpest. Also, because everything is so peaceful and there are no distractions to keep me from concentrating. As a result, you retain a lot more knowledge, which might help you stay focused for the rest of the day. I read a range of books, but I prefer to read my self-development books first thing in the morning since they provide me motivation and inspiration. Journaling can also be beneficial. But, for the most part, I like reading. So the next time you wake up, grab your favorite morning beverage, pick a good book, and set aside a chapter to read, you'll enjoy the experience and be astonished at how holistic and calm it is.

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