On a mission to reduce our footprints.

Our mission is to be a company that's providing clean beauty for the body while also being a force in protecting our environment. As a result, sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do. We recognize that as a company we are on a journey and that we are constantly striving to improve.

That's why, while maintaining a high level of quality products and services, we wanted to be as transparent as possible about how we package our products and goods & how we source our materials.

This is how we do it.

Jars & Bottles:

We only use glass as a container for holding our butter, balms, oils, and other body products. Glass is easy to recycle, and unlike plastics, glass can break into sand potential at the end of its life cycle.

Card & Paper:  

All of our cards and papers are made from recyclable materials. Which make it more convenient to separate and sort out for recycling.


Our labels are made from an easy-peel-off clean material that can be stripped off the jars and put in a paper waste basket.

Crinkle paper:

Our crinkle paper is made with natural dye and is non-toxic to both human and animals. It can also be recycled with minimal effort. However, in the months to come, we’re looking to move into a Kraft dye-free option.

Boxes and Shipments

Shipment Box:

Our Meant shipping box is made from Kraft recycled box-board paper and can be crushed and disposed for recycling of at any time.

We currently only offer standard shipping. Why? Well, express shipping has a much heavier carbon footprint than slower deliveries.

Because of our mindfulness around reducing our footprints, where it’s possible, each shipping box is tailored to the order amount to reduce the transit volume.

Note Card:

Our interior card and note cards are made from recyclable paper and can be  set aside with your regular newspaper articles and other recyclable paper materials

Because we are mindful of our impact as a company,  we asked our customers to re-purse our boxes as (recyclable shipping boxes) to send out their own shipments away in the world.

Reducing  emission

Our products are made clean so is our packaging. However, our jars and bottles can always be upcycling back for other things and projects even long after the products have been totally used.

Whether you want to use them for your own plant potteries, pencil holders, or your make-up rinse cup, it's really up to you. The possibilities can be endless.

We’ll continue to show and talk about new ways for you to dispose of and reuse our packaging to make sense of your ‘green life’. And as we continue to grow as a company, we will also on our end, find new ways to reduce our impact any way we can.


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